Price List

Box deliveries will be from April 15th - May 3rd between 5:00pm & 7:00pm

If you can't lift it, neither can we.

Our Box Prices

Box Size Size Price Extras
Large Box 24 x 18 x 18 $7.00 ea. Foam Peanuts
Book Boxes 16 x 12 x 12 $5.50 ea. Tape
Box Kit Includes 5 Boxes
& A Roll Of Tape
$40.00 ea.

Our Storage Prices Per Box

Please note, boxes over 70 pounds will not be accepted. If you can't lift it, neither can we.

Item Size Price
Large Box or any properly packaged item of similar size
NOTE: the prices of boxes significantly larger than specified large boxes will be adjusted proportionally.
24 x 18 x 18 $38.00/box
Extra Large Box this box will be charged by the pound with a minimum fee of $60.00/box. An oversized box comes overweight and very hard to manage. For this reason, there is an oversized price.
We recommend that you do not use this box!
24 x 24 x 24 $70.00/box
Medium Box these include any box smaller than
19 x 19 x 15.
19 x 19 x 15 $30.00/box
Small Box $20.00/box
Bicycles Bicycles must be clearly labeled and wheels not locked to the frame. $50.00/per
Trunks oversized trunks: prices will be adjusted accordingly Large
Dorm Refrigerators should be boxed for their protection Tall
Mattresses/Box Springs mattresses and box springs count as separate items $50.00/per
Furniture such as bed frames, dressers, couches, tables, etc., will be priced individually Varies
Please contact us.
Plastic Containers fall apart when they are filled. Please keep them empty. Empty Containers
Full Containers
Oversized Containers
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Secure Student Storage
& Moving

Students will be searching for either a place to store their belongings over the summer, or someone to ship them home. We are pleased to offer both of these services to students. In addition we also sell boxes for your stuff! These boxes will be delivered to your dorm's quad by appointment.

Feel Free To Call Us!

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